Make your expectations very, very low before watching the premiere of the X-FILES reboot—and you'd still come out very, very disappointed.
The pilot episode is aptly titled "My Struggle." Truly, it's a struggle to get through the 43-minute running time.
You'll readily notice the intensely speedy editing and camerawork, following an intensely speedy recap of the mythology, and an intensely speedy reintroduction of characters. Mulder, Scully, alien, Skinner, conspiracy, spacecraft, relationshipper elements, theory, past, present, future, the new guy Tad O'Malley...bam! bam! bam! Everything is thrown at you all at once—not giving you a second to breathe or experience anything.
It's a mangled story hurriedly stitched together to produce something hideously unrecognizable yet faintly familiar.
The aged David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are known to be highly competent actors, yet this bizarre episode seemed to have sucked out all the talent they have. And it was a real pain seeing Mitch Pileggi do a poor impression of Walter Skinner. And when CSM finally came out, the entire episode felt like one big parody.
The premiere episode feels like a deeply stained X-Files desperately being cleaned to make it look brand-new again— but we see a very sloppy work instead.
With this weak, messy, sad, and forced pilot episode, I am not sure if I wish to watch the rest.
Sometimes it's really best to move on, Chris Carter.
RATING: 0 out of 5 stars


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