Exercising for a Healthier Me in 2015, Wardrobe Problem

How time flies! It's 2015 already and I feel older and fatter.

For the past few years, it's becoming difficult for me to find great clothes. I still am within the normal weight range for my height and age, yes, but gone are the "flat belly" days and the slim arms. And it's kind of making me lose interest in shopping for new clothes. It's a challenge to find clothes that would cover my paunch and my flabby arms.

I am running out of clothes that feel great on me, and I am fantasizing about revamping my wardrobe. I especially need dresses for Church-- but I have been having a hard time finding simple, casual and elegant ones in my tight schedule and my not-so-taut body. 

My friend suggested online shopping, but I was kind of reluctant. I never really tried online shopping for clothes before, but lately I've been noticing in my Facebook news feed friends who are shopping at Zalora. I checked their casual dresses for the first time and did some online window-shopping from their collection...and I simply, seriously fell in love with most of them!!! Except that I worried if they would look great on me...and my thick waist. But I found some that would most likely hide my flabby parts, like the embellished maxi dress, the black-and-white mesh yolk panelled dress that I could wear with a black cardigan, and the contrast textured waisted dress, and the black kimono sleeve sheath dress! They are simply gorgeous.

Once I lose the belly fat, I'm gonna get this gorgeous embellished maxi dress!

Maybe I should try online clothes purchasing for the first time? The last time I bought something online wasn't exactly from an online store. It was a meet-up, when I purchased a secondhand Kindle Fire from some guy.

Anyway, one of my New Year's resolutions is to start the No White Foods diet. I've first read about this from a friend's book two years ago. But, anyway, it's a diet that eliminates white foods like rice, sugar, etc. You can read about it here: "Eat Nothing White Diet." Can I do this?! And for how long??

Two years ago, after reading about the diet, I decided to try it. For one whole week I stayed away from whites. Believe it or not: after seven days, I lost one inch from my waist. Seriously. And get this: I never exercised that entire week! It was a major challenge to quit rice, but my curiosity about the result overpowered the craving for rice. When I saw the result, I was amazed-- and went back to eating rice. Hahaha. Because it was just an experiment. I was just really curious. So I could maybe do it again-- but for more than a week, of course.

Anyway, I seriously want to start a workout program this year, but who am I kidding? I can never fit in a workout program in my busy schedule. And exercise bores me to death. But since exercising is crucial for good health (and not just so I would like nice in any dress that I wear), I really have no choice. But I Googled for easier, more feasible alternatives and found that 5-minute hourly walks can do wonders. That would do. That would help a lot. Beginning on Monday, I will do just that. Set my alarm every hour and just do it. Do it. And maybe it would trim down my fats and shopping for clothes would be exciting again.

Happy New Year, friends! Cheers! And wishing everyone a better year!


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