REVIEW | Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela

Last July 19th, I was fortunate to have witnessed an exclusive preview of Philippine Stagers Foundation's (PSF) Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela, at Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City.

PSF, known to have produced much talked-about productions such as Ako si NinoyEnzo…SantoCory ng EDSA, and JOE: A Filipino Rock’sical, has delivered a highly creative take on the life of the Father of Philippine Revolution.

Written, directed and starred in (as Bonifacio) by PSF's artistic director Atty. Vincent Tanada, Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela has once again proven PSF's reliability as a very professional theater company that produces high quality stage productions.

The sarswula was simply impressive. The talented young actors delivered their songs remarkably and effortlessly, and along with spectacular music by Pipo Cifra and choreography by John C. Antonio, the historical play is not only educational, but also thoroughly mesmerizing to watch, rivaling international musical productions and inspiring national pride. With the play's engaging songs, professional acting, and John Ambrosio's glorious set design, students, history buffs, educators, and theater enthusiasts will be transported back in time and be swept away by the production. No wonder, it received an enthusiastic standing ovation last Friday.

Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela is a testimony that PSF and the multi-awarded Tanada have set high standards in local theater productions, bringing pride and honor to the Philippine performing arts.

Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela is a definite must-see.

Catch its last weekend run for this month: July 27, Saturday (8am, 11am, and 2pm) at Cinema 1, SM Centerpoint, Manila; and on July 28, Sunday (8am, 11am, and 2pm) at Tanghalang Pasigueño, Pasig City. (August shows to be announced).

For more information, contact the company’s publicist at +639273913447. For tickets sales and show schedules, please contact Elaine Coronel at +639272009225; or Chris Lim at +639174770452.
Photo credit: BroadwayWorld Philippines


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