Pizza Hut's Cheese Burger Pizza

They call it the ultimate 2-in-1 experience. Pizza Hut's Cheese Burger Pizza.

Shaped like an intergalatic starship, the Cheese Burger Pizza is your regular bacon pizza, but topped with all the ingredients of the classic cheeseburger: cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and ketchup. Then as you are inching your way towards the bread end of your slice, like a finale to your experience,  your taste buds meet the main event: the burger patty.

So the next time you're torn between grabbing a pizza and a cheeseburger for lunch, Pizza Hut will solve it for you. When I bit into it, I knew I was holding and biting into a slice of pizza, but I was actually munching on a cheeseburger! It's a spot-on cheeseburger experience....and classic Pizza Hut bacon pizza experience. Recommended for cheeseburger fans who are also pizza lovers, and pizza fans who definitely enjoy cheeseburgers. Try it and delightfully confuse your brains!

Available now in Pizza Hut outlets nationwide.

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