Nestled in Madison Square Ortigas, just a short distance from the bustling Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City, is Taza De Oro, an unassuming restaurant offering authentic Chinese cuisine.

Ideally a restaurant for families and group of friends getting together for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Taza De Oro will also satisfy your craving for authentic Chinese dishes. Even if you're no fan of Chinese food, Taza De Oro will make you a fan, and it could possibly become one of your favorite restaurants.


We were served a 7-course meal, staring with the hot & sour soup (made with tofu, pork and dried mushrooms) that simply warms the soul with its distinct and delectable flavor. Then we were served the salted fish fried rice, so perfect that I could very well eat just that. 

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

The entire feast was honest-to-goodness satisfyingly good. But of course I have my favorites: the eye-popping and wow-inducing dishes for me include the mixed vegetable fu yong, that is so devastatingly delicious that the taste lingers until now; the sweet & sour fish fillet, the best-tasting sweet and sour dish that I have tasted in my life that I am literally craving for it again. The salt and pepper squid, I also enjoyed-- light and tasty. For my drink, I chose their newest on the menu: Thai iced tea with black gulaman, the perfect drink to go with the tasty feast.

The food is divine. Chinese comfort cuisine at its most authentic, delicious, and very much affordable.

Salt and Pepper Squid
Mixed Vegetable Fu Yong


Prominently red and gold, the typical Chinese aesthetics, but cozy and homey. Round tables with lazy susans, clean, and comfortable. The restaurant is also spacious, ideal for large gatherings. No complaints. The ambiance provides a comfortable, Chinese dining experience.


The service was quick and efficient, served with love and desire for you to enjoy your dining experience. That's all that matters to them: that you dine with pleasure, comfort, and joy. Our Maitre d' was quick to assist, gracious, highly anticipating our needs and requests. The entire serving staff was nice and intent to provide excellent customer service experience.


Simply put-- will come back for sure. Definitely. Absolutely. Now I have a new favorite Chinese restaurant. With great food and fantastic service, you gotta love this place.

I would like to thank OpenRice.com, Asia-Pacific's Premier Dining Guide, for the invitation, and Taza De Oro for providing a pleasant dining experience and excellent customer service.


  1. Your rating got me really curious. I hope it's affordable. I'll bring my family here when we visit Ghills. :)



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