SLAPSHOCK Releases 7th Album: "Kinse Kalibre"

Slapshock will blow your mind with an accumulation of 15 years of  expertise in their lates album, Kinse Kalibre.

The Korn counterpart of the Philippines, nu metal band Slapshock returns to the Philippine rock scene armed with a 15-year caliber of excellence and experience in their seventh studio album, Kinse Kalibre, released by Polyeast Records, featuring the single "Ngayon Na," which is on the number one spot for a month now on MYX Channel.

All 12 tracks in Kinse Kalibre are originally written by Jamir Garcia, mixed in Malaysia and mastered at John Greenham Mastering in San Francisco, USA, and produced by the band, composed of Jamir Garcia (vocals), Lee Nadela (bass), Lean Ansing (guitars) and Chi Evora (drums).

So what do we expect from Kinse Kalibre?

Jamir said, “In this album, we we’re challenged to produce something that will cater more to our Filipino listeners. This time, I have challenged myself to write five Tagalog songs.”

Following the 6th album Carino Brutal’s commercial success, the band, who signed their first record deal in 1998 with OctoArts (now Polyeast Records), took three years touring the country and abroad before producing Kinse Kalibre, which marks the band's 15th year this February 2012. 

“We have released seven albums and each release gives us the pressure of coming up with something not better than the other-- but the best the band can deliver,” Jamir said. He also explained, “Kinse Kalibre represents our 15 years of existence as a band. 'Kalibre' means that after 15 years, the band is still here—creating what we’re known for." 

“This album sets an example of a phenomenon… because for 15 years, we have come a long way building relationships. We are the same members, we never switched music labels, we’re under the same management and we still work with the same crew. People who supported us from the very beginning are still the same people around us up to this moment. That probably made us stay stronger—we work with people we trust and people who trust the band at the same time.”

At this point, Slapshock has already bagged numerous awards and sold thousands of albums both locally and abroad. Indeed, they are already established as one of the most important and highly esteemed local metal bands of the last two decades. 

As Jamir ended, “Lahat ng banda dumating, andito na kami. Umalis na sila, andito pa rin kami...” *

Album tracks include "Kinse Kalibre (intro)," "Ngayon Na," "Reset, Deliryo," "Asal Demonyo," "Burn In Hell," "In The Line of Fire," "Langit," "Under The Needle," Heartless," "Salamin," and "All Hope Is Gone."

Kinse Kalibre is now out in stores nationwide at Php 350. 

Watch Slapshock promote their new album:


  1. this is a well-versed blog aboiut Slapshock's latest album! I have been watching Slapshock performed since my UP days. Agent Orange has been and will always be a favorite. it is true, bands have come and gone, and they're still slapshock. it's even a shame that a band as great as Eheads couldn't even compare with the "bond" this band has as a group.

  2. Agent Orange was my first ever well loved ringtone(back then it was midi file) from my first ever celphone 3310 which is a gift from my ex-gf back in 2001 that i lost eventually the same year :'(. Though I haven't been met them live due to financial matters back then and now it feels like they're always in my side whenever i play their songs. And when the new single went out i was raping the replay button. Lol! If I were to win these prizes i'd love to give it to this wonderful kid who for me is one hell of a fan(that's if i would be able to meet this boy. I think he's from here in Lucena,check out the two videos). All thumbs up for you Jonas! And i added a couple of props.. lol!! :D

    He gets to play the drum with Slapshock live on concert!!

    This makes my heart melt.

  3. That boy's a genius!!! And on the second video, ako din, my heart melted!


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