5 Girls and a Dad: NET 25's Unique First-Ever Teleserye

During the presscon of NET 25’s first ever television series 5 Girls and a Dad last January 16th, the tabloid people stood like vultures at the back, asking the cast and the production team playful questions, hungry for intrigues, admirably quick at provoking controversies to a wholesome family-oriented show. Yes, because this is showbiz. Intrigues and sensationalism feed the business. But the masters of sensationalism failed to get anything juicy out of the nice and wholesome cast and the production team, and the presscon ended with everybody laughing good-naturedly and in good spirits, and excited about the upcoming television series.

Indeed, NET 25’s first attempt at primetime entertainment is one that is values-oriented, a perfectly wholesome drama-comedy that promises no violence, or anything even remotely related to immorality. But where’s the excitement in that? Some people wonder. Where’s the conflict? The dark side to be overcome by the good? Isn't a story about a father with five daughters, with a clean, wholesome plot, boring?

Written by Palanca-awardee, and one of the foremost female novelists in the country, Lualhati Bautista, who penned such biting and unforgettable contemporary literary classics such as Dekada '70, Bata, Bata, Pa'no Ka Ginawa?, and ‘GAPÔ, we can now be assured that the show will not be boring at all. Besides, with real talent and creativity in storytelling, one can weave a gloriously rich plot without tapping on the dark and evil side of humanity at all.

Lualhati Bautista revealed that she was not dictated upon by NET 25 on the teleserye’s plot; and with much sincerity, told everyone that we need something new, something fresh and different. In the parade of pimetime teleseryes among competing networks, with the same theme of violence, lies, and dark secrets, 5 Girls and a Dad will be a refreshing break from all that. Also, the beloved novelist even verified what is already an observable fact: we already have enough of bad behaviour and violence on primetime news alone, do we want the same themes in our primetime teleserye?

L-R: Lualhati Bautista, writer; Elso Montalban, director; 
and Manolo De Lim, NET 25's Programming Head 

5 Girls and a Dad, directed by Elson Montalbo, is a story about a widowed blue-collar father (Richard Quan) left alone to care for his five children-- and they are all girls. The conflict and the drama would come from universal truths about life as a parent; the joys and struggles of parenting, and the funny stuff in between. What we are looking forward to as well is the extraordinary dynamics of a father-daughter relationship. And delivered to us through a story by a master of the human psyche and emotions, Miss Lualhati Bautista, well, all I can say is…I am now very much intrigued and excited. What is more powerful than love? More complicated than familial relationships? What is funnier and more touching than the stories of a family? What provides more self-realization and wisdom than real-life struggles and experiences of a single parent?

With veteran actors Leo Martinez and Vangie Labalan to add spice to the already spiced-up and extraordinary set-up of a father with five daughters (one is even autistic), 5 Girls and a Dad indeed promises something explosively new and fresh on primetime television; a relief, a respite from the cliché of the current teleseryes that will surely deliver an entirely new experience of entertainment, and a new media for strong moral values, which is actually good for the soul.

L-R: Veteran actors Richard Quan, Vangie Labalan, and Leo Martinez 

The four girls in the series played by newcomers except for Chesca Salcedo.
L-R: Chesca Salcedo, Abby Aquinat, Kate Nizedel, Dixie Nedic

5 Girls and a Dad will premiere on January 23rd, 7:30 to 8:30 in the evening, and will run from Mondays through Fridays. But if you want to be one of the first ones to watch the pilot episode, you can catch the advance screening in selected digital cinemas for FREE!

Saturday, Jan. 21, at 10 a.m.:
SM Mall of Asia Cinema
Robinson’s Galleria Cinema
Robinson’s Place Cinema


The cast of 5 Girls and a Dad:
Enzo (the dad) - Richard Quan
Veron (the mom) - Lara Quigaman
The Daughters
Mimay - Dixie Nedic
Anna Lisa - Kate Nizedel
Alex - Abby Quilnat
Valerie - Chesca Salcedo
Angel - Kiane Palmes
Jupiter - Leo Martinez
Venus - Vangie Labalan

To view more pictures from the presscon, CLICK HERE.

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NET 25 is also home to popular and award-winning shows such as the daily talk show Spoon, hosted by actress-chef Janice de Belen; MOMents, hosted by actress Gladys Reyes-Sommereux; and Landmarks, a popular history-travel show hosted by Faye de Castro.


  1. This is quite interesting. I hope I could watch it whenever I get home early. :D

  2. Interesting. Too bad though I don't watch a lot of tv.. >.<

  3. @Sumi If you watch the fist episode of this teleserye, who knows? you might find yourself suddenly watching a loooot of tv. hehe! :D

    Thanks for dropping by @michy and @sumi. Hope you both get a chance to watch an episode and share what you think! :)

  4. Hmm, mapanuod nga ito, looks interesting. Lualhati Bautista writing for a teleserye is enough to make me wanna watch this. :)*tadonggeniuskuno*

  5. I've been reading Lualhati's books since grade school. She truly excels in her craft for having a long-lived career up to now.

  6. Will watch tonight and see how it is. Mukhang maganda naman considering it's written by Lualhati Bautista.

    Cine Say Ko

  7. Sayang naman, si mother nakababad sa channel 2 e... I should get my own cable subscription! I want to watch.. Lualhati Bautista e I like her novels a lot.. ;) thanks for this post!

  8. seems like an interesting and cute story :D

  9. My Mom watches a lot of GMA TV. Sayang, I'm sure this would be very interesting kasi Lualhati yan e.

  10. L. Bautista is a good writer. I've read her novels during my hs years. We used some of her novels for our book report that time. This story is interesting.

  11. Kay Net25 po ipapalabas hindi po GMA :( This will be shown weeknights from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

    Starring Richard Quann, Lata Quigaman, Leo Martinez




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