Delighting in the Tuscani Supremo with Shamcey Supsup

Pizza Hut's marketing manager Edgar Allan Caper and Shamcey Supsup, displaying the Tuscani Supremo

Last October 26, I was invited to an exclusive bloggers' event: Tuscani Supremo Pizza Day. With Miss Shamcey Supsup! And the launching of Pizza Hut's Flavor Your Life promo.

Not only was I able to see the visually striking 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner up, another Filipino pride, but she also personally served me (well, not just me, but all the invited bloggers) a slice of Supremo!


Earlier this October, two weeks before the bloggers' meet and greet with Shamcey, an editor of mine chose Pizza Hut Bistro in Trinoma to hold a meeting with the contributing writers. As I took my seat in the long table, I glanced at the fresh super family size pizza on the table. My mind was on other things, and I was my usual distracted self, but I noticed that the pizza before me looked different. It had black olives-- which I always love on my pizza, yes, but it did not look like your usual Pizza Hut pan pizza. It looked thinner...crispier...more colorful and rich with toppings.

I picked up a slice and took my first bite. That was my first Tuscani Supremo experience. And it was an unexpected reaction. When was the last time I had eaten pizza this good?! I asked myself. It was rich...full! The perfect combination of flavors. Each bite was satisfying.

"Ang sarap nito ah?!" I exclaimed to Mhel, who was sitting across from me. "Ano'ng pizza ito???"

She picked up a cardboard menu and showed it to me with a hand flourish, pretending to be in an infomercial: "Pizza Hut's new Tuscani pizza. Supremo!" she smiled, chuckling at her little demonstration.

"Ang saraaaap!" I repeated, grabbing my second slice. "Tuscani" rings a bell, I thought. Then I remembered the Shamcey Supsup Pizza Hut commercial, when my sister and I looked up at the TV screen upon hearing the word "Tuscani," because the emphasis was on the CA. "Tus-CA-ni." Not the Italian region "TUS-cany."

I took the menu from Mhel and read what's on this fantastic-tasting pizza that I was happily devouring, curious as to what makes it so darn tasty...and different.

By golly, it had 9 toppings! Beef, black olives with garlic and olive oil roasted bell peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions, parmesan, pepperoni, and smoked ham, on a bed of premium tomato sauce.

I was hooked.

Pizza Hut's Tuscani Supremo: The Ultimate Pizza


The pizza experience stayed with me in the coming days, and I would sometimes randomly include it in conversations with friends and family, "Uy, ang sarap ng bagong pizza ng Pizza Hut! Yung SUPREMO!" I couldn't forget the taste. "Para siyang thin crust, pero mataba lang ng kaunti. Maraming toppings. At siksik sa flavors! May black olives, smoked ham, oninions..."

And sometimes out of nowhere, I would burst out, "Gusto ko ng Supremo!"

I wished for another chance to eat Supremo.

Two weeks later, I got my wish.

Exclusive Bloggers' Pizza Day with Shamcey Supsup!


So last October 26 was a great night. Shamcey Supsup looked regal in her little black casual dress, stunningly beautiful and elegant, with the perfect poise. I've seen international beauty pageant contestants before in person, but Shamcey looked like a goddess. As soon as she walked into the bistro, smiling widely, we were struck by her presence. A real beauty indeed!

We were served with a slice of All Meat Tuscani pizza with pasta-- but my heart sill belonged to Supremo. I was so fixated on the Supremo pizza that I only learned on that day that Tuscani had four other flavors: All Meat, Roast Beef, 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach, and BBQ Chicken. Shamcey declared that her favorite was 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach...but I was doubtful. Could there be any other pizza tastier than Supremo?! Honestly?! I wondered in awe.

Tuscani All Meat flavor pizza, the only other flavor I was able to taste aside from the Supremo

Pizza Hut Bistro at Glorietta 4 that night was buzzing with excitement. I met and chatted with fellow bloggers and obsessively took pictures of Shamcey and the Supremo pizza. My sister and I were so in awe of this beauty going around serving pizza to the guests that we didn't realize it when she finally stopped at our table! We were just standing near her, snapping pictures like papparazzi, missing the fact that Shamcey just plopped slices of Supremo on our plates! As soon as Shamcey slipped a slice on my sister's plate, my sister breathed a loud "Wow!" and Shamcey laughed out laud, throwing her head back in laughter, her perfect, glossy hair glinting in the dim lights of the bistro.

Then we had our pictures taken with her, Shamcey looking like a towering goddess in a sea of mortals. And whenever she spoke, you could see the smart, articulate, bright girl that impressed the world with her answer at the Miss Universe pageant.

And she genuinely loved Tuscani.

With the stunning Shamcey. She's wearing heels and I'm wearing flats here, okay? Haha.

So it was time to enjoy my Supremo. I looked at my precious slice of Supremo. Then took a bite. Instantly, the memory of my first Supremo experience rushed back to me, that gastronomical delight that took me by surprise two weeks ago at the Trinoma branch. It still tasted absolutely amazing. It's just the right crisp, saltiness, texture, tomato sauce, the mozzarella cheese...the roasted bell peppers, the black olives...ohhh, it was perfect! It's like reuniting with a long-lost friend. Where have you been the last two weeks??? I thought.

When Pizza Hut's new media marketing manager Jean Lander Agor came to my table with a microphone so I could express my feelings about Supremo, I burst, "It' explosion of flavors!" I said to a room full of people in Greenbelt 4's Pizza Hut Bistro, including Shamcey Supsup.

"An explosion of flavors!" I told Jean, Pizza Hut Inc.'s new media marketing manager


Shamcey enjoyed her Supremo that night, some bloggers asked her some questions, which she answered with confidence, wit, and humor, delighting the bloggers even more. More camera flashes, clinking of glasses, laughter, the smell of Tuscani wafting inside the was a good night, indeed. Then we took turns posing at the photo booth, including Shamcey, who enjoyed posing for the camera.

The bloggers were handed an envelope each. I ripped it open when Shamcey was long gone and left us bloggers to mingle and talk and eat some more. I opened my envelope. Inside was a 500-peso gift certificate. And a Palm Card!

Quickly, I went to the counter, the gift certificate on my hand, and I ordered a takeout of...guess what? Tuscani Supremo. Super Family size. Joy! :)

Here are more pictures from the Tuscani Pizza Day with Shamcey!

The stunning Shamcey Supsup
Posing for the bloggers.
She smiles at my camera!

Shamcey sniffs the divine Tuscani Supremo!

Shamcey could not take her eyes away from the scrumptious Supremo.

Flavor Your Life!

Can't wait to grab a slice!

Beautiful girl with a beautiful pizza!
Bloggers clamoring to get a good shot of the Supremo.
Shamcey is very down-to-earth, too.

Pizza Talk

Perfect. Supremo served by Miss Shamcey Supsup.
Serving everybody pizza!

Shamcey poses with Mr Agor and Mr Caper of Pizza Hut

Shamcey laughing heartily in the photo booth.

Shamcey having fun at the photo booth like everybody else!
Our turn! With fellow bloggers!
Making new friends! I love PEx!

If you're planning to grab a Tuscani pizza, you also might want to win an iPad 2! Or an iPhone! Or a DSLR camera! Or other exciting prizes Pizza Hut is giving away in their Flavor Your Life contest! And the contest is pretty easy, too!

For more details, click HERE!


You can also take a photo of yourself enjoying your Pizza Hut Tuscani pizza and win gift certificates every week! DETAILS


Photo booth pictures courtesy of SAY KAWAII!
Thank you very much and Pizz Hut Philippines for the invite!



  1. and that was the longest and most detailed blog entry I have seen about the event! galing! I felt like I was back there!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ^I meant, Thank you! :)(I missed the letter "k"). Hahaha. Wala palang edit comment dito. Hahaha

    Until we meet again, kay!

  4. Some say the Roast beef is the best, but like Shamcey, my favorite is the 3-Cheese Bacon and Spinach. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Supremo and Premium All Meat pizzas with great company. Nice meeting you at the bloggers event! I love your review and nice shots you got~

  5. ^Thank you! :) I will next order the 3-Cheese Bacon and Spinach! Nice meeting you, too! Hope to see you guys again!

  6. Looks like you had tons of fun in the event! :) Sayang I wasn't able to attend. It would've been fun to meet all of you.


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