Re-launch Party

Causes for Celebration
The word "orange" always strikes a familiar chord. Every where I turn these days, I hear the word "orange."

Like this morning.

I went to the Orange Place Hotel in San Juan (orange is the city's official color) to meet a good friend who just attended his friend's art exhibit at the Orange Gallery in Bacolod.

There's something appealing, I guess, about the word "orange." It conjures the color range between red and yellow in the visible spectrum. And the round citrus fruit, of course.

But in the local blogosphere, when you say "orange," what flashes across your mind is "entertainment." A site with a black backdrop, with half of a solid-colored citrus fruit strategically placed on the left-hand corner, peeking, like sunrise. Two tiny leaves adorning its crown. Across, in simple white font, is written: And if you're not subscribed to the site, you'll be sorry that you missed something you wish you didn't. is the Pinoy netizen's one-stop site for the latest news in entertainment, food, health, lifestyle, movies, music, technology and travel in the country. It's catchy. It's cool. It's fast and fresh. It's easy on the eyes and direct to the point. And it's perpetually giving away freebies. Yeah, you read that right. Constantly throwing contests and free stuff to its many followers. It's like a buffet of delicious news tidbits and entertainment, like a candy shop to the bloggers and to the freebie and entertainment junkies. It's the King of the Blogs, actually.

And who is the king of the bloggers? The man behind publisher and editor-in-chief Mr. Jeman Villanueva. And last September 24, 2011, "Jeman" as he is simply known by the veteran bloggers, threw an intimate re-launch party of the site at Gweilo's, SM Mall of Asia, to reintroduce the year-old site with its fresh new look as well as its new batch of contributors-- now part of the Orange Team, honored with the golden ticket to the hippest and coolest events in the metropolis. And that day happened to be the king's birthday, too.

It's a merry night for the Orange Team
In the small, dimly lit and buzzing Gweilo's Bar and Restaurant, only big enough to accommodate the Orange men and women, the bloggers mingled, laughed, ate the delectable baked oysters with cheese and garlic, got merry, got to know each other, wished the happy Jeman a happy birthday, clicked away their DSLRS or compact digicams, clinked their glasses of the unlimited GSM Blue's to cheer the night away, posed in a photo booth, and asked the bartender for their other desired combination of drinks free of charge--strictly Sprite and Coke for me--all the while mentally typing away their blog post of the event.

And to top off the celebration is the spectacular MOA-an fireworks lighting up the pitch-black sky, coinciding with the celebration. To the rest of the mallers, it's an ordinary fireworks night... but in that small bar tucked in one corner, in that small circle of bloggers, the fireworks were a symbol of new, exciting beginnings in the OrangeMagazineTV world. ~Stephanie Mayo, new OrangeMagazineTVcom contributor

Some of the new contributors enjoying the feast

Mr. Rod Magaru and the many freebies reserved for the attendees
The author with the King of the Bloggers, Mr. Jeman Villanueva
We were the paparazzi-bloggers during the raffle prizes
The Photo Booth
My winnings that night. I'm no drinker; who wants my GSM Blue?

The Orange Team thanks the following sponsors:

Perlas and Luna PR Group, Brandspeak Asia, StratWorks, Cando and Florenda Martketing and PR Consultancy, Campaigns and Grey, No Seat Affair!, Dole, MCA Music Inc., Universal Records, PolyEast Records, FMCC, BND, Hair Gallery, 6000Goonz, WoW! 103.5 FM, Clara International and Benmore.


  1. GSM BLUE!!! I'm a drinker! Pick me! Pick me! :D

  2. Haha. Okay! You got it! If you can drop by in San Juan? In Puregold, perhaps? Just email me at :D

  3. hahaha ayos yong price GSM blue .,..


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